La Auxiliar Naval, S.A. (L.A.N.) offers maintenance, commissioning and inspection services prior to delivery of the vessel to the owner. Our personnel are fully qualified to carry out installations and replacements on board the vessel. This is essential when the equipment needs adjusting due to the unique characteristics of the windows or requested glasses.

L.A.N., S.A. has been authorized by the multinational company Sika to carry out manufacturing and installation of glass on board vessels, as established by the attached documentation. These projects, covering a wide range of products have been carried out faultlessly by our staff for over 45 years in shipyards spanning the globe.

L.A.N., S.A. offers unmatched technical support due to our expertise and numerous years of experience. We offer personalized consultation and recommendations for each and every project taking into account the uniqueness of each request. In this regard we can offer superior service at minimal expense. We guarantee and certify all our work and adhere to the strict standards of quality which meet or exceed established international standards. This has been the standard practice in the past and will continue many years into the future.

Servicios Listados

Services offered by the company:

  • Installation of windows on a ship.
  • Installation of windows on board yachts.
  • Installation of windows and installations on board ships.
  • Installation of windows and installations aboard yachts.
  • Expert advice for each client and project.
  • Work guaranteed and insured by the strictest quality standards at international level.
  • Comissioning