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Side scuttles and windows for vessels.

Windows & porthles for luxury yatchs and megayatchs.

Weathertight devices for electrical Installatios

Photo gallery with some of our work.

About us

La auxiliar Naval, S.A. (LAN) manufactures windows & portholes for luxury yachts and megayachts since more than 40 years . LAN was founded in 1.961 and form that time we compete succesfully all over the world designing and supplying specific products for each customer.

LAN compete successfully in national and international markets, designing and producing a wide range of windows for vessels, including anti-fire units, and watertight outdoor lighting systems.

  • La Auxiliar Naval, S.A. (LAN) has actually more than 50 specialized people working direcly with the best glass makers in the world like Saint-Gobain, Pilkington, Glaverbel and others.

  • LAN provides glasses of any thickness and any dimension according to customer needs. The glasses can be tempered laminated, electrically heated, with air gap or energy saving type.

  • The most modern technology can be used to supply glasses of any colour with serigraphy and also with pictures printed on them.